Exhaust steam

(Steam Engine) steam which is allowed to escape from the cylinder after having been employed to produce motion of the piston.
- Knight.
See under Exhaust.

See also: Exhaust, Steam

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Steam turbines are witnessing increasing demand from combined cycle power plants, as natural gas fired power generation is being preferred as the cleanest fossil fuel alternative, where the exhaust steam is put to use for additional power generation.
The Luko serves to condense the exhaust steam from the steam turbine and is situated on the new nacelle.
The CSP plant also uses a dry cooling system to condense the exhaust steam flow, significantly decreasing the amount of water the plant uses compared to a similar facility.
A third option is to use dry cooling systems instead of wet recirculation, where the exhaust steam is cooled by air rather than water, but such systems are three times more costly.
This device comprised many air-cooled copper tubes whose purpose was to condense the exhaust steam into water and thence back into the boiler, where it was re-used, rather than exhausting clouds of steam into the atmosphere.
The blast pipe takes exhaust steam from the cylinders and makes it travel faster.
For example, the intermediate-pressure turbine exhaust flow diffuser has been changed to improve flow guidance and to reduce vortex formation in the exhaust steam section.
The exhaust steam also passes out at these same ports.
This is normally fed to a steam turbine to produce 100kw of electrical power whilst the exhaust steam, of nominally 0.
That sound comes from exhaust steam from the cylinders going up the stack.
to provide electricity for the Seattle waterfront, the company also sold exhaust steam to neighboring buildings for heat and hot water.
Plant Support Equipment-- Cleaver Brooks water tube boiler; Cummins diesel generator; three Kaeser rotary screw air compressors; Cain Industries exhaust steam generator; three Gas Systems nitrogen generators; three Silvan Industries nitrogen receiver tanks; two Evapco cooling towers; Marley crossflow cooling tower; Industrial Steam spray-tray deaerator; Donaldson GDS static air filter; self- dumping Hoppers, high-pressure blowers, a 1,040-gallon air receiver tank, air dryers, air conditioners, pallet racking, and more.