expanding universe

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expand′ing u′niverse

a model of the universe, based on observed redshifts of distant galaxies, in which the galaxies are receding from each other at a speed proportional to their separation.

ex·pand·ing universe

A model of the universe in which the volume of the universe is expanding. It is based on the idea that the red shift in light from distant galaxies is evidence that all galaxies are moving away from one another. See Notes at big bang, Doppler effect.
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This has been interpreted as those faraway objects moving away from us at a faster speed, one of the cruxes of the expanding universe theory that has been tied to the explosive Big Bang theory that scientists believed created everything to begin with.
That Expanding Universe takes its cue from the art rather than science of the HST is clear from first glance.
A novel solution to Einstein's equations for gravity permits the existence of negative mass in a rapidly expanding universe like our own, physicists Manu Paranjape of the University of Montreal and Saoussen Mbarek, now at the University of Waterloo in Canada, report November 14 in Physical Review D.
Consider an expanding luminous world, or an expanding universe, with a constant expansion rate [H.
Washington, April 8 ( ANI ): Researchers have found a new way of using quasars to track the expanding universe, which the claim is the most precise measurement yet.
The site's developer states: entrepreneurs who wish to become a part of this ever expanding universe of special people get started by contacting www.
Organization is in six sections on development and propagation of static and dynamic models of the universe in light of red shift, the question of who gets credit for discovering the expanding universe, the instrumentation challenges and observational techniques of the Lowell Observatory, the long-range historical context for modeling the universe, reflections on Slip her as a person by those who knew him, and the modern advances in studying the expanding universe.
Dermot Weld's record with jumpers at Sligo is exceptional over the past five seasons - five runners, four winners - and Expanding Universe stands out in the bumper (6.
Physicists who study eternal inflation--one of the possible consequences of the big bang-have come to think that the "original, rapidly expanding universe spawns a multitude of new universes, in a never-ending process,' Lightman says.
In our next issue, she will be returning to the magazine with updates from the world of IONS in our section called Expanding Universe.
Now they believe the white dwarf - about 25,000 light-years from the Sun and 10,000 times brighter - is a prime candidate for a supernova explosion, critical for studies of the so-called 'dark energy' which fuels the expanding universe.
About three hundred thousand years after the Big Bang the expanding Universe had cooled down enough to allow photons to travel freely without clashing with other particles such as electrons.