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An expectorant drug, C10H14O4, that is used to thin mucus and sputum.

[Alteration of guaiphenesin : guai(acol) + (me)phenesin, a muscle relaxant drug (me(thyl) + phen(yl) + (an)es(thetic) + -in).]


n guaifenesina
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Moreover, 9 patients received nasal O2, expectorant syrup, steam postural drainage according to indications.
Similasan's cough/cold offerings include Similasan Kids Cold & Mucus Relief homeopathic cough expectorant syrup and Kids Cough Relief homeopathic cough syrup.
Similasan USA, which makes Pink Eye Relief eyedrops and Earache Relief eardrops, recently rolled out two new homeopathic products for children: Similasan Kids Cough Relief cough syrup and Kids Cold & Mucus Relief cough expectorant syrup, both of which contain 100%-natural active ingredients.
Garlic Syrup This expectorant syrup from James Green's The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook relieves spasmodic coughs and lung congestion: Slice and bruise 3 oz.