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tr.v. ex·pe·di·at·ed, ex·pe·di·at·ing, ex·pe·di·ates (Usage Problem)
To expedite.

[Alteration (probably influenced by -ate) of expedite.]
Usage Note: Some people use the verb expediate where expedite would properly be used, as in The government wants to expediate the processing of visa applications. The Usage Panel roundly rejects expediate. In our 2009 survey, 85 percent rejected the sentence quoted above.
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The Reuniting Families Act, cosponsored by 45 Members of Congress, would make a number of changes to expediate and increase family reunification.
In line with the company's efforts to expediate the construction of its developments, in order to cate to inhabitants, the project is undergoing a nine-month programme, it said.
In his letter to staff, Mr Lambert said that entering into a CVA was "the best option to expediate payment of monies owed" to those made redundant.
The basic aim of these surgical procedures is to expediate healing and provide a flattened surface in place of the intergluteal cleft.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 27, 2015-Seamless Distribution concludes partnership agreement with Dwolla to expediate peer-to-peer payments in the US
He has been attending to BIHL business in Hong Kong and trying to expediate the sale of the club.
But since then they've crashed to four defeats - two of them by four goals to nil and one by five - to expediate a slide down the table which sees them currently sitting second-bottom.
to put into effect the initiatives that have been launched in a bid to expediate having lockers in schools and to cooperate with us in implementing moves that would reduce (the use of) school bags that are now sweeping the markets in different shapes and sizes.
In order to both save money and also expediate rejection, the IMR system was supposed to effectively and economically reduced appeals to the Federal Court.
One anti-hunting group is doing all it can to expediate the process.
The ECHO does a great job for this city, striving to expediate change for the better -- only to meet with apathy, indecision and indifference.