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We saw how well the DataHub transported OPC data across the network, so we thought it could help us connect to our grinding and flotation expert systems," said Sr.
Expert systems are created based on experts' knowledge and specialists that solve specific problems from varying domains, such as : medicine, finance, geology, banking system, marketing.
Inference in expert systems is very important because it is a general technique used by an expert system to solve problems.
17 May 2013 - Swedish automation software provider Readsoft AB (STO:RSOF B) said it finalised today its takeover of domestic sector player Expert Systems Development Svenska AB.
Readsoft announced earlier this month it had agreed to payA up to an aggregate SEK60m (USD9m/EUR7m)A for Expert Systems.
ReadSoft (STO:RSOFB), a supplier of software for document process automation, announced today the acquisition of Expert Systems Development Svenska AB (Expert Systems), a supplier of SaaS solutions (Software as a Service) for electronic business.
Researchers have explored every aspect of fuzzy philosophy and the studies reported on fuzzy expert systems in medical diagnosis covers wide spread area including the need, importance, potential and approaches for designing the expert systems for medical diagnosis.
Expert systems can solve a wide range of health issues e.
History will record that the artificial intelligence (AI) market has had more than its share of ups and downs, from its beginnings in the 1950s, to rule-based expert systems developed at Stanford (stanford.
The Army developed an ILS Expert System in the late 1980s to help program managers plan and execute ILS policy in a comprehensive and repeatable manner.
Keywords: performance-contingent incentives; complementarity; information technology; expert systems.
Despite all the promises and research and vulture capital doled out in the 1980s, artificial intelligence (Al) and expert systems were poor substitutes for "liveware"--people, especially the experts that expert systems were to replicate.

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