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Having replaced the 'wave of advance' hypothesis and its explicatory mechanisms by this formal analogy, we are now lacking a plausible explanatory model to understand why all those pioneers should (or did) set off to colonise vast areas of the Mediterranean.
Accordingly, a great deal of efforts were devoted to discuss and investigate the quiddity of the relations of the mentioned concepts and to present explicatory theories in addition to review the important theories presented in two fields of religious identity and globalization and the occurrence and advent of new communication technologies such as satellite regarding the main concepts of the research.
At first glance, Wool's photographs--as well as his artist's books, record-cover designs, invitations, and posters--appear to have an ancillary, explicatory function in relation to his painting.
In its structure, The Dream works as a reassurance against doubt, using the soliloquies first to entertain apprehension and doubts and then turning to the explicatory dialogue with the Angel to dispel them.
Within each of the chronological divisions there is also a section of analysis and a series of explicatory essays.
33) Therefore, the narrative and non-narrative (both in this scene and in the film as a whole) intertwine without synthesizing, which is to say that the film alternates between advancing and interrupting narrative as McQueen smuggles in avant-gardist techniques or presents explicatory dialogue as demanding experiences of duration.
First, he places Manning's attempt to explain himself against the explicatory efforts of an exhaustingly banal news media.
He was unhappy about it in some ways because it tended to lead toward the academic, and the explicatory, and so on.
Protection of Traditional Knowledge Traditional knowledge (TK) related to biodiversity includes ideas, judgments and reasoning, methodological processes, explicatory systems and technological procedures developed by different ethnic groups and local communities in their relationship with the biodiversity of their environment (Pardo et al.
of Arkansas) collect cases and statutory material, supplemented by explicatory text, in order to explain the federal and state law of inter vivos transfers and planning options and other issues of death and wealth transfer in the United States.
The girls' liberation and Caloosha's murder happen in quick succession, but neither results in a final explicatory episode so that denouement is deferred beyond the narrative in spite of Jeebleh's indirect involvement in the final events.
These specific action areas are not definitive but rather should be seen as explicatory, subject to change and modification as conditions suggest and context dictates.