a.1.See Ecstatic, a.
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Balmain Extatic, Anna Sui Romantica, Dunhill Desire Black and Icon,
Selecting and implementing a questionnaire composed of 70 items focused on peak experiences, entitled "Live extatic moments";
Just considering his music for flute, the style of the Extatic Shepherd from ca.
Arthika Nath, sustainability manager MENA, CSR initiative of the year, Carillion, was extatic about the win: "We're really excited about the award; it a natural fit for Carillion as CSR is embedded in the company.
The immensity of these aerial summits excited, when they suddenly burst upon the sight, a sentiment of extatic wonder, not unallied to madness.
Players are simply chasing an increasingly bulging pay-packet, disregarding the fans and the clubs they seem falsely extatic to join and represent.
After approximate 1 - 2 minutes from reaching the special conditions, the mixture of seminal suspension tends to change its state of aggregation, at constant temperature, becoming first "excited" (temporary phenomenon, of a short duration, associated to an extatic emotional state).
By contrast, Miss Tilney can speak "without exaggerated feelings of extatic delight or inconceivable vexation on every little trifling occurrence" (51).
She writes of herself as a woman "inspired by ardent Love's extatic [sic] glow," who longs for her husband, calling him her "dearest friend.
One month later, he writes:</p> <pre> It is true that I have often had hours of extatic, enthusiastic devotion, but the fever has soon subsided, and my feelings have flowed on calmly and soberly in their accustomed channels.
He reports that Shaw, who was on the board of the Stage Society and helped choose plays, "was extatic and enthusiastic.
The money will be divided equally between two research projects called EXTATIC and FLUOR.