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a.1.Pertaining to externalism.
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I think Noe's positive approach, especially as regards perceptual and related processes, has much to offer a good externalistic alternative.
He did not mention that a series of scholars, notably Isaiah Tishby and Moshe Idel, differed from Scholem and spoke of externalistic messianic dimensions within Hasidism.
The great French social historian Ferdinand Braudel arguably has one of the strongest aesthetic senses of twentieth-century historians, but his sense for the beauty of his human subjects tends to be so externalistic that it does not seem essentially different from that of his contemplation of geography or natural phenomena (see for instance his preface, or just about any chapter, from his The Structures of Everyday Life [NewYork: Harper and Row, 1981]).
Instead of becoming spiritually empowered, well-intentioned people continue to submit to externalistic religion.
It assumes an internalist epistemology, and the paradox it purportedly resolves is really the familiar clash of internalistic and externalistic epistemological intuitions.