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a.1.(Zool.) Inserted exterior to the eyes; - said of the antennæ of certain insects.
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The same antibodies stimulate the tissue around the eyes, resulting in an increase of orbital fat and extra-ocular muscle volume which causes the bulging of the eyes characteristic of Graves' orbitopathy.
Orthoptists Andrew Fox and Jean Halligan present a series of cases on incomitancy to challenge the practitioner's clinical interpretation of extra-ocular muscle impairment.
One centre has described racial differences in the outcome of generalised MG among South Africans, finding that severe treatment-resistant extra-ocular muscle (EOM) paresis or ophthalmoplegia occurred almost exclusively in subjects of African genetic ancestry.
1 depicts the distribution of the number of extra-ocular muscles affected.
Contributors identified only by name, but presumably ophthalmologists in India, describe the fundamentals of the system and its clinical application in the eyelid-lacrimal system, the conjunctiva, extra-ocular muscles, the lens, the iris, glaucoma, the anterior segment, the cornea, the scler, the orbit, and the globe.
Diplopia can occur if the toxin enters the extra-ocular muscles.
a Hess charts measure the deviation and the amount of under-action and over-action of the extra-ocular muscles
The patient denied diplopia, and physical examination revealed full and symmetric extra-ocular movements.
This article describes the extra-ocular muscles (EOMs), their contribution to this sensory-motor relationship, the investigation of eye movements, and the disease processes that can affect the EOMs and their actions.