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a.1.(Anat.) Situated outside of a joint.
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Olecranon bursitis, also termed "student's elbow," secondary to the inciting injury of chronic friction applied to a flexed elbow while studying, has numerous causes, including trauma, chronic repetitive micro-trauma and inflammatory diseases such as uric acid deposition in gout, extraarticular deposition of rheumatoid factor in rheumatoid arthritis and calcium pyrophosphate deposition, otherwise known as pseudogout.
Diffuse-type giant cell tumor: Clinicopathologic and immunohistochemical analysis of 50 cases with extraarticular disease.
Moreover, there are general symptoms of inflammation and, often, an extraarticular involvement.
If you inject them, and they have absolutely no pain," it suggests extraarticular is-sues.
However, before the addition of corticosteroids 4 weeks before hospital admission, methotrexate was the only immunosuppressive agent used by case-patient B, and he had no erosive or extraarticular disease.
Extraarticular fluid dissection in tissues during arthroscopy.
These are sorted into intraarticular and extraarticular causes, meaning inside the joint and outside of it, respectively.
The patients were questioned to obtain their demographic information, and extraarticular involvement of RA involving the skin or eyes as well as problems involving the pulmonary, cardiac, neurological, hepatic, hematological, vascular, or renal systems was recorded.
I Intraarticular osteoid osteoma: clinical features, imaging results, and comparison with extraarticular localization.
Four cohorts of 10 patients each received up to three ultrasound-guided extraarticular injections of varying doses of XIAFLEX (ranging from 0.