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An extension of an institution's intranet, especially over the World Wide Web, enabling communication between the institution and people it deals with, often by providing limited access to its intranet.


(Computer Science) computing an intranet that is modified to allow outsiders access to it, esp one belonging to a business that allows access to customers
[C20: from extra- + net1 (sense 8), modelled on intranet]


(ˈɛk strəˌnɛt)
an intranet that is partially accessible to authorized persons outside of a company or organization.
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When organizations need automation for confidential review and approval flows deployed on the Internet, Webridge extranets deliver 24x7.
This partnership results in the seamless integration of SafeWeb's Secure Extranet Appliance (SEA Tsunami) and Radware's Cache Server Director (CSD), enabling customers to scale their extranets by clustering SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami servers to handle large traffic with high availability and redundancy.
com) today introduced the Genex Extranet System(TM), an easy, efficient way for film, video and commercial production companies to leverage the Web with extranets that dramatically simplify the production process.
With its focus on commercial production for advertising agencies, Anonymous had been developing single use extranets for projects that typically lasted only a few weeks.
When business users need to put sensitive information into precise business contexts for customers, Webridge extranets deliver 24x7.
When business users need to put sensitive information into precise business contexts for internal users, customers or partners, Webridge extranets deliver 24x7.
Tactical extranets increase loyalty, commitment, and confidence among customers and partners, all of which drive revenue and create competitive advantages.
Called extranets, they are a restricted-access network for selected people and firms outside the company.
Yet only the recent developments of digital certificates and secure extranets permit companies to conduct online business as safely as if it involved traditional paper.
Through these value-added VPN services, end-user customers can more easily implement Extranets and VPNs to improve business processes, and increase profits.
Synopsis: The technology for building an extranet is essentially the same as that for Intranets, but the major difference is that it is MIS and IT professionals within the organization who are being asked to implement these extranets.
com customers can now deploy rich extranets to collaborate with customers and partners