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An extension of an institution's intranet, especially over the World Wide Web, enabling communication between the institution and people it deals with, often by providing limited access to its intranet.


(Computer Science) computing an intranet that is modified to allow outsiders access to it, esp one belonging to a business that allows access to customers
[C20: from extra- + net1 (sense 8), modelled on intranet]


(ˈɛk strəˌnɛt)
an intranet that is partially accessible to authorized persons outside of a company or organization.
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Tactical extranets increase loyalty, commitment, and confidence among customers and partners, all of which drive revenue and create competitive advantages.
Called extranets, they are a restricted-access network for selected people and firms outside the company.
Yet only the recent developments of digital certificates and secure extranets permit companies to conduct online business as safely as if it involved traditional paper.
Synopsis: The technology for building an extranet is essentially the same as that for Intranets, but the major difference is that it is MIS and IT professionals within the organization who are being asked to implement these extranets.
com customers can now deploy rich extranets to collaborate with customers and partners
Extranets often require companies to add staff to handle manual data entry.
A move to electronic trading and buy-side institutions taking control of execution via algorithmic trading and Direct Market Access (DMA) has meant that extranets are an attractive and cost-effective option for connecting to multiple trading partners internationally and to delivering minimal latency.
This insight into trading transaction flow is a first for financial Extranets.
As networks consolidate and membership grows, the ability to connect, communicate and easily obtain and integrate virtually all services through a centrally-hosted connectivity provider will not only increase the value proposition of financial extranets, it will make connecting in virtually any other way almost obsolete," Tabb concludes.
These solutions enable customers to easily deploy multiple line-of-business applications -- such as public Web sites, secure intranets and extranets, compliance initiatives, and marketing brand management -- as well as multi-site management and enterprise-wide content management.
Specifically, Supply & Demand Chain Executive selected Stellent as a "100" company for enabling Emerson Process Management -- a global leader in helping businesses automate production, processing and distribution practices -- to more efficiently and effectively manage and share information with its worldwide suppliers during new product development projects via Stellent(R) Universal Content Management(TM)-powered extranets.
Popular uses of BI include enterprise reporting, management dashboards and scorecards, customer intelligence applications, financial reporting, and both customer and partner extranets.