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Noun1.Eye of Ra - a lion-headed Egyptian goddess; typifies life-destroying power of the sun
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I then used Eye of Horus pencil eyeliner in black for definition and smudged it upwards to create a soft cat-eye effect.
Irethorru" was a common name in the ancient Egyptian society and means "the eye of Horus is against my enemies.
Furthermore, the cover's Eye of Horus set against an opaque background of Egyptian falaheen undermines the novel's anonymous setting.
Makeroni Labs team from Spain displayed their Eye of Horus project which offers support for physically handicapped people with their tasks.
Start with a wash of neutral eyeshadow over the lid, then trace a crescent above the crease using Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil, below, in Charcoal Obsidian, PS15, BeautyBay.
Buy it now SAY G'day to Eye of Horus, the Australian make-up brand that's just launched on BeautyBay.
So it's probably not a coincidence to see Jay-Z flashing an inverted diamond, Lindsay Lohan sporting the Baphomet horns, or Kesha flaunting the Eye of Horus.
The eye as a subject dates back to Egyptian mythology, for example, The Eye of Horus.
EYE UP RANGE Eye of Horus is the newly launched make-up range in the UK containing naturally derived ingredients.
The piece includes splashes of red, an eye, scattered symbols such as the Eye of Horus, as well as Arabic and English alphabets and numbers.
Part of the collection includes the "all- seeing eye" triangle and the Egyptian Eye of Horus symbol, which are both frequently referenced in Crowley's books.
The administration of the festival has chosen the eye of Horus as a logo for the festival this year.