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Noun1.visual perception - perception by means of the eyesvisual perception - perception by means of the eyes  
perception - the process of perceiving
contrast - the perceptual effect of the juxtaposition of very different colors
face recognition - the visual perception of familiar faces
object recognition - the visual perception of familiar objects
visual space - the visual perception of space
optical fusion, fusion - the combining of images from the two eyes to form a single visual percept
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Tayyab said that white motivation is fatal disease which greatly affects eye sight but it is curable disease and can be controlled with proper treatment.
Later, he told the police, the surgeon discharged him despite the fact that he had lost his eye sight.
Social media users to limit the excessive usage of Smartphone as it cause sleeping problems and damage eye sight in the long term because we spend so many hours staring at screens everyday.
Regular eye tests form a crucial part of this - particularly when it comes to spotting the initial signs that a customer may have the condition and then supporting and managing the impact it can have on their eye sight.
Stating that the liability to pay relief in a case of botched up eye surgery at a government hospital lies with the State Government and not the drug manufacturer, it recommended that the State Government should pay Rs one lakh each to six out of 13 victims, whose eye sight could not be recovered even after further treatment.
The Morfa Nefyn woman booked herself in for an eye test after she began having triple vision with her eye sight getting rapidly worse until she was only able to see outlines and bright lights.
Respondents blamed overcrowded roads, health-related concerns and worsening eye sight as reasons for losing confidence on the roads.
Russell Goodway, chief executive of Community Pharmacy Wales, said: "Community pharmacies are the most accessible part of the NHS family and are ideally placed in high streets, town centres and villages around Wales to be giving advice on how various health conditions can also affect eye sight.
Through our retinopathy screening efforts we identify patients whose diabetes may be out of control and whose eye sight is in danger, and refer them to an eye specialist.
According to the Department for Transport, only 10% of drivers over the age of 50 have regular eye sight tests.
The research for specialist eye hospital group Optegra shows 9% of Brits 'hardly ever' get their eye sight checked, despite the importance of detecting early warning signs for eye problems.
A NORTH EAST optician has been to London to test the eye sight of homeless people for a charity.