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n.1.(Zool.) A simple visual organ found in many invertebrates, consisting of pigment cells covering a sensory nerve termination.
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When this is completed they are fixed for life: their legs are now converted into prehensile organs; they again obtain a well-constructed mouth; but they have no antennae, and their two eyes are now reconverted into a minute, single, and very simple eye-spot.
The survival rate of D-shaped larvae was reduced significantly at a concentration of 600 cells/mL, whereas the umbo larvae and eye-spot larvae were affected significantly at a high concentration of 2,000 cells/mL only.
The Effects of Alexandrium catenella on Settlement of Eye-spot Larvae
In this context, the eye-spot, a dot with a circle around it, becomes a fertilized egg.
Other studies have demonstrated that certain visual configurations relating to predatory animals, the curves of a snake, the stalking pose of a predatory cat or eye-spot patterns, can evoke universally appropriate responses in humans such as fear or excitement, and may be employed in art to evoke similar responses (Coss 1965).
The versatile wrapper can run various types of packaging material to account for different products: eye-spot, non-eye-spot, heat seal, and cold seal.
Not only does the glass panel allow natural illumination from the dining room windows to flood the kitchen, but a strategically positioned ceiling eye-spot bounces light off the panel and reflects into the kitchen.
In terms of devious disguises, false-faced eye-spot frogs had "cheetahs' eyes on their backs".
It uses these marks like eye-spots, flaring its gills to appear much bigger when confronted with danger or competition.
The caterpillar extends it head and neck rather like an elephant's trunk if disturbed, then it draws back the head and swells up the thorax which is marked with eye-spots.
He said the butterflies' markings were unusual -both upper and lower sides are shining silver and the underside of the hind-wing has a row of small eye-spots.