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(ˈaɪˌoʊ pə nər)

1. an experience or disclosure that provides sudden enlightenment.
2. a drink of liquor taken very early in the day.
[1810–20, Amer.]
eye′o`pen•ing, adj.
References in classic literature ?
Clara had a startling eyeopener when, on being suddenly wakened to enthusiasm by a girl of her own age who dazzled her and produced in her a gushing desire to take her for a model, and gain her friendship, she discovered that this exquisite apparition had graduated from the gutter in a few months' time.
His guest presenter role on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch was an eyeopener and as a talent judge he doesn't disappoint either.
I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion organised by Canon with three African artists, well-known influencers in their countries, and the discussion was such an eyeopener.
Our home form has been good this season and our ground will be a bit of an eyeopener for them.
However, the extent of the trend revealed by newly-released figures is somewhat of an eyeopener.
It's been an amazing eyeopener when you work with people that you trust and then suddenly you're in court.
NEVILLE WESTERMAN'S deluded stance on Europe is a bit of an eyeopener (Letters, August 23).
He's quite an eyeopener when you see him - he's 18hh and enormous.
Reflecting on the season, Moyes said: "It was an eyeopener when I saw the squad, that we had available.
Monahan joined WCVB as a staff meteorologist in September 2001, and was previously the meteorologist for the weekday editions of The EyeOpener and Midday newscasts.
The former England Counties and England Sevens regular admitted the defeat to Esher was an eyeopener with the Red and Blacks paying the price for a below-par display.
Valdez, widely considered as Philippine volleyball's brightest star, said her experience with 3BB Nakornnont in the Women's Volleyball Thailand League was an eyeopener as she learned important lessons on and off the court that she hopes to pass on to her teammates back at home.