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also Sa·re·ma  (sär′ə-mä′)
An island of western Estonia in the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Gulf of Riga. Long strategically important, it has been controlled by the Teutonic Knights and by Livonia, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, and Estonia.


(ˈsɑr əˌmɑ)

an island in the Baltic, at the mouth of the Gulf of Riga, belonging to Estonia. 1048 sq. mi. (2714 sq. km).
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Dean Ahmed's benefit from crime while he lived in a comfortable Cardiff Bay apartment in Ezel Court, Heol Glan Rheidol, was agreed at a figure of PS62,986.
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Dodeca High'' and "Grass and Diamonds'' are compelling, but offer little comfort, and the album ends with the haunting instrumental "Hieronymus Bosch Ezel Muziek,'' the title of which says it all.
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