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a Scot word for from
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Noun1.FAE - a device consisting of a container of fuel and two explosive charges; the first charge bursts open the fuel container at a predetermined height and spreads the fuel in a cloud that mixes with atmospheric oxygen; the second charge detonates the cloud which creates an enormous blast wave and incinerates whatever is below
explosive device - device that bursts with sudden violence from internal energy
aerosol bomb, fuel-air bomb, thermobaric bomb, vacuum bomb, volume-detonation bomb - a bomb that uses a fuel-air explosive; "a thermobaric bomb can create overpressures equal to an atomic bomb"
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Wim van der Wilden, General Manager of Dyadic Netherlands, added "We will utilize both our proprietary C1 enzyme library as well as our patented C1 technology to produce the specific targeted FAE and GE enzymes.
In July 2012 Faes Farma signed a licence agreement with Japanese sector player Taiho Pharmaceutical for the sale of Bilastine in Japan.
FAE recently finished renovations on the vehicles and has now begun to offer dual sponsorship by selling permanent advertisement space on the outside of the buses.
The objective of this study was to investigate fibrolytic activities profiles of FAE, AE, carboxymethyl cellulases, xylanase, avicelase and volatile fatty acids production of Neocallimastix sp.
43) clinical study described above, only two of the 47 individuals with FAS or FAE (4%) who attempted suicide had an intellectual disability and both were adolescents.
Several in vitro and ex vivo investigations addressed the mechanism of FAE action.
In an attempt to increase precision in diagnosis, an Institute of Medicine panel has recommended distinguishing among three forms of FAE (Stratton et al.
Nineteen national associations representing medical, nursing and midwifery disciplines, Aboriginal and multicultural groups, and other organizations known for their extensive work in the area of FAS, developed and support the joint statement on the prevention of FAS and FAE.
Some scientists, however, consider FAE such a catchall diagnosis that it obscures some important genetic diseases.
The rate may be several times higher for children born with possible FAE.
iWatt's engineers in the US design the company's ICs, and then its FAE teams work with customers worldwide to integrate the ICs into their specific applications.