fava bean

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fa·va bean

1. An annual Old World plant (Vicia faba) in the pea family, having pinnately compound leaves, white flowers with lateral purplish blotches, and long thick pods.
2. The edible seed or green pod of this plant. In both senses also called broad bean, horse bean.

[Italian fava, from Latin faba; see bha-bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

fava bean

(ˈfɑːvə) or


1. (Plants) an erect annual Eurasian bean plant, Vicia faba, cultivated for its large edible flattened seeds, used as a vegetable
2. (Plants) the seed of this plant
Also called: broad bean
[C20: Italian fava from Latin faba bean]

fa′va bean`

(ˈfɑ və)
1. a bean, Vicia faba, of the Old World, bearing large pods containing edible seeds.
2. the seed or pod of this plant. Also called broad bean , horse bean.
[1940–45; < Italian < Latin faba]
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Noun1.fava bean - seed of the broad-bean plantfava bean - seed of the broad-bean plant  
broad-bean, broad-bean plant, English bean, European bean, field bean, Vicia faba, broad bean - Old World upright plant grown especially for its large flat edible seeds but also as fodder
bean - any of various seeds or fruits that are beans or resemble beans
2.fava bean - shell beans cooked as lima beans
shell bean - unripe beans removed from the pod before cooking
đậu tằm

fava bean

[ˈfɑːvəbiːn] N (US) → haba f

fava bean

n (US) → dicke Bohne, Saubohne f

fava bean

فول bob hestebønne Saubohne κουκί haba härkäpapu fève bob fava ソラマメ 잠두 tuinboon bønnevikke bób fava, feijão-fava конские бобы bondböna ถั่วชนิดหนึ่งเป็นผัก bakla đậu tằm 蚕豆
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Add salt and beans and boil 15 minutes if using fresh favas and 30 minutes if using dried favas.
Mashed favas and an exotic mix of spices give the familiar egg salad sandwich a makeover.
BREAKFAST FAVA SPREAD (Serves approximately 10) This spread is very popular in Egypt and is served with grilled pita or masted flat breads.
FAVA have been operating since the early 60's and have the expertise to offer turnkey solutions for container storage, unscrambling, orientation and conveying of plastic containers of any shape and size.
When grown together, these crops form a symbiotic relationship: the favas act as trellises for the vetch to climb on, and the vetch helps keep the fava plants from blowing over in wind.
When pasta is about 1 minute from being al dente, add peas or favas to water and increase heat under bacon.
When available, fresh favas are found in supermarkets that have a good selection of produce, particularly those specializing in Italian vegetables.
Favas and ricotta on buttermilk crackers 8 SERVINGS (16 CRACKERS) | 45 MINUTES We picked the favas from our garden and made ricotta from the milk of Holly, Sunset's cow (she lives on a farm south of our office).
Fava beans, shown here in and out of their pods, are a fresh, seasonal ingredient for an appetizer - pureed favas on grilled bruschetta - served at Marche that includes pecorino cheese, shown in thin cuts at left.
Mr Favas added: "If the eurozone crisis worsens, the first-time buyer market will seize up over the winter and become glacially slow.