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(Military) the surname of several noted Carthaginian generals, including Hamilcar, Hasdrubal, and Hannibal
ˈBarcan adj


or Cir•e•na•i•ca

(ˌsɪr əˈneɪ ɪ kə, ˌsaɪ rə-)

1. an ancient district in N Africa.
2. the E part of Libya.
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For their part, FC Barcelona is recognized as a standard bearer in the sporting world and considers nutrition to be an essential part of its players' training.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The evolving global smartphone brand OPPO celebrated its electrifying partnership with the world-renowned football club FC Barcelona today, unveiling the FC Barcelona edition of its latest smartphone the OPPO R7 Plus in Beijing.
Facing Growing Demand, Soccer Camp Brings Official FC Barcelona Training to London, England
Qatar Airways has officially launched a new marketing campaign supporting its three-year partnership with FC Barcelona.
UAB recently launched the region's first FC Barcelona branded Credit and Debit cards and is sending hundreds of football enthusiasts on all-expenses-paid trips to Spain to watch FC Barcelona matches live.
Graham, Executive Vice President in Retail Banking said: "Seeing FC Barcelona play live at Camp Nou is truly an electric experience and we're thrilled to be able to share this with our salary transfer customers.
The Court of Arbitration for Sports have rejected an appeal made by FC Barcelona while upholding the 14 months transfer ban that FIFA had put on them.
Small, bespectacled, somewhat shy and with a smile that can light up a stadium, fifth Grader Adil Aziz dreams of playing for FC Barcelona when he grows up.
CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, said: As FC Barcelona s global partner, we are committed to creating joint initiatives with the club that help unite them with their fans.
Barcelona: Qatar Airways officially launched the start of its three-year partnership with FC Barcelona (FCB) at an event held on Tuesday at the club's Camp Nou stadium.
Summary: To commemorate its recent partnership with FC Barcelona, the renowned European football club, Etisalat plans to introduce a limited edition of mobile SIM cards, honoring this association.
His first stop was with the Russian club Unics Kazan, followed by a season with FC Barcelona, where he helped lead his team to the Euroleague Final Four.