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Noun1.FCS - a cooperative nationwide system of banks and associations providing credit to farmers and related businesses; originally capitalized by the federal government but now owned by its members and borrowers
banking industry, banking system - banks collectively
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And while Harvey noted that the combination of the Army's modular-force initiative and the FCS program forms the basis of the Service's future-combat-force strategy, he pointed out that FCS is not being implemented solely to equip a future force.
The authors conducted interviews with representatives from across the FCS program, including senior Army officials on the Department of the Army staff, Army representatives from the FCS program office, and other Army personnel from supporting organizations.
The FCS concept is a new generation of manned and unmanned ground vehicles, air vehicles, and munitions, each of which taps into a secure network of superior combat information.
FCS is a networked "system of systems," using advanced communications and technologies to link soldiers with manned and unmanned ground and air platforms and sensors, to significantly enhance the Army's effectiveness and maneuverability.
During this SDD phase, The Army-LSI team will work with the 23 FCS partners, chosen through an Army-approved competitive process over the summer, to begin the design and development of the first FCS increment.
FCS is a networked system of improved communications links and lighter, more mobile armored vehicles that is, in effect, the backbone of the Army's long-term transition plan to reach what it calls the 'objective force.
FCS, a leading supplier of enterprise hardware and software products and services designed to maximize the value of IT infrastructures, has extended its relationship with Baxter to continue managing the company's service parts inventories.
As FCS communications systems integrator, BAE Systems provides electronic and mounting hardware, the radio's antenna, and integration services to deliver a complete Ground Mobile Radio system.
Under the agreement, CCC's customers will send mobile electronic system claims to FCS via CCC Autoverse(R) Claim Management - CCC's convenient, centralized web solution designed to dispatch, receive, review and conclude the process of a claim.
Network Centric Operations systems to harness the power of FCS and the Current force to include FCS Ground /Air Communications, FCS Joint Tactical Radio Systems, Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T), FCS Manned Ground Vehicles, FCS Armed Robotic Vehicles and C4ISR Solutions.
The FCS Lead System Integrator (LSI) -- The Boeing Company and SAIC -- recognized the source selection team for its detailed analysis of all TDS proposals.
The diversity of cargo that FCS handles requires absolute visibility of the entire operation to ensure that regulations are adhered to and that service level agreements with FCS' customers are consistently met.