Federal Home Loan Bank System

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Noun1.Federal Home Loan Bank System - the central credit system for thrift institutions
financial institution, financial organisation, financial organization - an institution (public or private) that collects funds (from the public or other institutions) and invests them in financial assets
Home Loan Bank - one of 11 regional banks that monitor and make short-term credit advances to thrift institutions in their region
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7 million in grants is available through FHLB Dallas member financial institutions through three programs: USD 4.
The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) and Wells Fargo, an FHLB Dallas member institution, partnered on the PGP grant to the nonprofit.
The structure of the PGP enables FHLB Dallas member institutions like Tucumcari Federal Savings and Loan Association to make a contribution of USD 500 to USD 4,000 to a community-based organization (CBO), which FHLB Dallas will match at a 3:1 ratio.
The program is designed to support households in FHLB Dallas' member communities that have been declared disaster areas by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Certain MREITS have established captive insurance subsidiaries in recent years as a means of gaining FHLB membership and improving the diversity, duration and cost of their funding.
FHLB Dallas annually returns 10 percent of its profits in the form of AHP grants to the communities served by its member institutions.
When it comes to dealing a winning hand, the Federal Home Loan Bank network is betting on increased success through its proposed merger of the FHLB of Seattle with the much larger FHLB of Des Moines, Iowa.
This paper first documents the significant role played by the FHLB System at the outset of the ongoing financial crisis and then provides evidence about the uses of these funds by their bank and thrift members.
The FHLB System is a government-sponsored enterprise created by Congress to support residential housing finance.