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Noun1.FISA - an act passed by Congress in 1978 to establish procedures for requesting judicial authorization for foreign intelligence surveillance and to create the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court; intended to increase United States counterintelligence; separate from ordinary law enforcement surveillance
legislative act, statute - an act passed by a legislative body
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These three FISO Factors provide one with the confidence, trust, and access, needed to initially fit in when starting at a company, and can also be sources of reasons to stand out after one is there awhile.
The two are not opposites necessarily, as chapters here demonstrate: McGarvie reveals a FISO Factor program which helps business professionals learn how to achieve both.
Furthering the ability to monitor a patient during a medical procedure is the model FOP-MIV fiber optic MEMS catheter pressure sensor for in-vivo physiological measurements from FISO Technologies Inc, Quebec, QC.