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Noun1.FLETC - a center in the Department of that trains law enforcement professionals for more than seventy federal agencies
Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security - the federal department that administers all matters relating to homeland security
law enforcement agency - an agency responsible for insuring obedience to the laws
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FLETC further verified their findings by comparing the data of the second sample with data from previous classes of students who trained with live-fire weapons.
FLETC is uniquely positioned to partner with international law enforcement agencies to explore timely and critical issues that impact our national security.
Representatives from Norway and Denmark met at the FLETC to design and develop the Nordic Financial and Organized Crimes course.
In 2004, Kharoba says, a FLETC training coordinator happened to hear him speak at a counterterrorism conference and was so impressed she invited him to teach sessions to law enforcement agents at FLETC headquarters in Glynco, Georgia.
The author acknowledges the assistance of Rebel Doud-Williams, senior contracting officer at the FLETC, and Mary Dickins Johnson, in preparing this article.
FLETC procurement businesspeople conducted procurement for "green" lead-free ammunition.
Conjuring real-life counterparts to the computer-augmented law-enforcement heroes of RoboCop and Virtuosity, FLETC director Charles Rinkevich predicted, "The day is coming very fast when every cop will be issued a badge, a gun, and a lap-top.
More than 100 FLETC and partner organization staff members, CASA employees and volunteers attended the event hosted by FLETC Director Thomas Walters.
Army Military Police School (USAMPS) partnership with FLETC, involves rotations through 10 FLETC divisions within the Glynco Training Directorate and the Regional and International Training Directorate, both located in Glynco, Georgia.
Another 44 components reported using a combination of FLETC and other training organizations, including their own organization, a federal or state law enforcement agency, or commercial vendor.
FLETC is where various federal agencies such as the U.