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Federal Reserve System


(in Britain) abbreviation for
Fellow of the Royal Society


Federal Reserve System.




Fellow of the Royal Society.
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Noun1.FRS - the central bank of the United StatesFRS - the central bank of the United States; incorporates 12 Federal Reserve branch banks and all national banks and state-chartered commercial banks and some trust companies; "the Fed seeks to control the United States economy by raising and lowering short-term interest rates and the money supply"
central bank - a government monetary authority that issues currency and regulates the supply of credit and holds the reserves of other banks and sells new issues of securities for the government
Federal Reserve Bank, reserve bank - one of 12 regional banks that monitor and act as depositories for banks in their region
national bank - a commercial bank chartered by the federal government
member bank - a bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System


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20 January 2016 - Germany-based global ferry and shipping group FRS has acquired a majority interest in Seattle, Washington-based regional travel company Clipper, the company said.
Mark also brings an excellent background working with organizations relevant to the security industry where FRS operates.
AIM: The study was undertaken to assess whether severity of diabetic retinopathy predicts the risk of cardiovascular disease, using the FRS.
The exhibition, which forms part of the 1940's festival features audio visual material and interviews with former members of the FAU and the FRS.
We start the day by establishing what the attendees understand about the changes that will come when FRS 102 supersedes all of the financial reporting standards and statements of standard accounting practice that currently apply when it takes effect on 1 January 2015.
By the way, if your FRS never came with a KPI-74 air lifting bag, go 10 this website: https://pmskot.
Today, the FRS is usually not calculated for stroke patients," Dr.
The researchers then tallied the rates of myocardial infarction, vascular death, or stroke in these two subgroups during 2 years of follow-up, and compared the rates between the two FRS groups in a multivariate analysis that controlled for baseline differences in age, race, prior stroke, body mass index, heart failure, carotid endarterectomy, stroke severity, alcohol use, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglyceride levels, mean systolic blood pressure while in the study, antidyslipidemia drug treatment, and antithrombotic drug treatment.
In this challenging economy, Knowlan says, many companies are "right sizing" their work forces, and outsourcing to FRS is an economical way to benefit from expertise.
FRS ComLink ST is a computer-based direct selection communicator and environmental control unit (ECU).
Professor Jim Feast FRS, who also studied at the University of Birmingham, became president after the society's annual meeting in London last
So, when a thirst-quenching, pick-me-up is in order, we fuel up on FRS Plus Antioxidant Energy Drink.