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(sɪə) or


(Units) a unit of weight used in India, usually taken as one fortieth of a maund
[from Hindi]


1. serial.
2. series.
3. service.


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In his welcome address, Rector Foundation University Islamabad highlighted the progress and academic excellence FUI has achieved in the past years.
He hoped that the FUI graduates are expected to possess high professional competence combined with humanistic and moral qualities.
Addressing the participants, the chief guest appreciated and felicitated the Rector and Director FUI on success of the students.
I am quite optimistic that in the years ahead FUI shall be among the nation's leading universities recognized for student success, educational attainment, research, cultural enrichment and economic development," he said.
Addressing the gathering, Rector FUI said that, "the importance of sports and other co-curricular activities cannot be over emphasized.