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 (făb′ər-zhā′), Peter Carl 1846-1920.
Russian goldsmith and jeweler who created ornate objets d'art, notably a series of jeweled and enameled Easter eggs for European royalty.


(Biography) Peter Carl. 1846–1920, Russian goldsmith and jeweller, known for the golden Easter eggs and other ornate and fanciful objects that he created for the Russian and other royal families


(ˌfæb ərˈʒeɪ)

1. (Peter) Carl Gustavovich, 1846–1920, Russian goldsmith and jeweler.
2. fine gold and enamel ware made in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, much of it for the Russian court.
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Noun1.Faberge - Russian goldsmith noted for creating a series of jeweled and enameled Easter eggs for European royalty (1846-1920)Faberge - Russian goldsmith noted for creating a series of jeweled and enameled Easter eggs for European royalty (1846-1920)
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Faberge created an exclusive watch for Alfardan Jewellery.
com)-- Conveniently located in the New York Metropolitan area, Global Arts and Antiques, the leading Russian antique dealers in New York has been featuring unique and authentic antique works by Faberge and Feodor Ruckert since 2006.
Celebrated the world over, these exquisite creations never cease to delight WILL FABERGE ever stop surprising us?
Britain's rich Edwardians fell on them with eagerness, particularly after it became known that the doomed Romanovs had given Faberge gifts to our own royal family.
The Faberge silver gilt and enamel beaker used by its former owner to store pencils, PS8,400 Photo: Peter Wilson auctioneers
Central to Gilbertson's marketing strategy was the acquisition of the Faberge brand, renowned as the jeweler to the Tsars, crafting fine artwork out of gold, diamonds and more.
It is expected that the Faberge flower will be revealed as being worth more than PS1million.
In 1885, Russian Emperor Alexander III commissioned the first Imperial Easter egg from the House of Faberge as a gift for his wife, Maria Feodorovna.
The new OptoClones[TM] (single-beam Denisyuk colour holograms, see HN March 2016) of museum artefacts were described, both the ones recorded in the UK and the most recent ones recorded of the Russian Faberge Imperial Eggs.
During the course of his artistic career, the well-known House of Faberge has selected Erotokritos to design a collection of Faberge eggs.
And over the next three decades Peter Carl Faberge, a jobbing St Petersburg jeweller, would design 50 lavish and glittering Easter eggs for Alexander and his son, Nicholas II.
A SCOT accused of stealing more than PS700,000 of Faberge yesterday told a court he was Lee Harvey Oswald.