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It is government itself, and in particular, the interventionist, Fabianist policies of re-distribution, that is at fault for Britain's moral and social decay.
Yet without McKay's early Fabianist Jamaican "dialect" poetry united with his later Marxist incendiary sonnets, it is difficult to imagine the development of the Caribbean language verse of uprising, from the Ja "patwa" dub poetry of Linton Kwesi Johnson to the stirring lyricism of the Bajan Brathwaite himself.
The 'excess of meaning washes off,' shows good understanding of the Cultural Studies heritage from Nietzsche, Bataille and Barthes - hardly 'literary disciplines,' nor 'symbols' nor 'deciphering,' but anyway, the point has been conceded, perhaps dangerously for anthropology: Cultural Studies has the contract on the contemporary and on complexity; a thousand anthropological voices would rise in protest because he has othered his discipline in a Fabianist temporality: it will be a fairly passive traditional information retainer while others can have fun making meaning in the here and now, being pro-active and culturally productive.