fabric softener

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fab′ric soft`ener

a substance added to fabrics during laundering to make them puffier and softer.
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Also down by 50% are Comfort Intense Fuchsia Passion fabric conditioner (570ml) now PS1.
A WOULD-BE robber's attempt to intimidate a shop assistant spectacularly failed - when his weapon turned out to be a bottle of fabric conditioner.
Fabric conditioner was also used in a "sophisticated set-up" to help mask the production of the drug in industrial quantities on the site of a former cotton mill in Nelson, Lancashire.
Interestingly, we have seen a 16-percent rise in fabric conditioner sales, which may be attributed to the recent aggressive launches of fabric conditioners with scented variants,' she says.
Sun Products has a portfolio of laundry care brands including all and Sun as well as the fabric conditioner Snuggle.
Driving volume growth in the US in other categories were Colgate Enamel Health and Colgate Kids mouthwashes, Softsoap Fragrant Foaming Collection of liquid hand soaps, Softsoap Fresh & Glow body washes, Irish Spring Signature For Men body wash, Palmolive Soft Touch Almond Milk and Blueberry dish liquid and Suavitel fabric conditioner.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global fabric conditioner market to grow at a CAGR of 6.
Fabric conditioner,adhesive bonding,cotton wool,topical anesthesia,white spain etc.
99 Tesco2in1Laundry Powder Lavender (25washes),PS3 Asda ChosenBy You y Y Star Fruit and Amber Fabric Conditioner (750ml, 21 washes),PS1 Morrisons Kitchen Cleansing Spray with bleach (500m), PS1 TescoBathroom Wipes(40), PS1.