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(fəˈbrit si əs)

Carel, 1622–54: Dutch painter: pupil of Rembrandt.
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The Leading Brain," by Friederike Fabritius, MS, and Hans W.
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After Carel Fabritius, The Goldfinch (Het Puttertje), oil on panel, 1654, The Hague.
and Phi Delta Theta General Council President Rich Fabritius, (Kent State '94), G.
after the painting by Carel Fabritius & the novel by Donna
2013), for example, the deterioration of the psychomotor performance of opiate dependent SUD patients is lower than for methadone (Rapeli, Fabritius, Kalska & Alho, 2011; 2012).
Instead, Mason, Steagall, and Fabritius (1997) ("MSF") derive reputational weights from a survey of chairs of economics department in the United States.
En el desorden provocado por la explosion decide huir con El jilguero, cuadro pintado por el holandes Carel Fabritius en 1654.
Summarized in its simplest form, the plot of The Goldfinch is about an adolescent boy, Theo Decker, who is the victim of an explosion in a New York gallery which kills his mother while he survives, and souvenirs a small painting of a (you've guessed) goldfinch, painted by Dutch painter Carel Fabritius, a protegee of Rembrandt, in the seventeenth century.
This museum exhibit highlighted renowned painters of the Dutch Golden Age, including Johannes Vermeer, Carel Fabritius and Rembrandt van Rijn.