Facial Details

Facial Details

  1. A blemish on the ridge of his nose stood out like a connecting point between his eyebrows, like a town on a map —Bobbie Ann Mason
  2. Blues under his eyes like chain links —Saul Bellow
  3. The bones on his face stuck out like knobs under his skin —Gloria Norris
  4. Busted blood vessels in the nose and across his cheeks look like a precinct map of the city —Robert Campbell
  5. The dimple in her chin is like a tiny keyhole —Joan Chase
  6. Dimples that looked as if they had been poked into her cheeks by a mischievous finger —Rex Beach
  7. Ears as sharp as a fox —MacDonald Harris

    A commonly used variation: “Ears like a fox.”

  8. Ears like bat’s wings —Aharon Megged
  9. Ears like jug handles —Borden Deal
  10. Ears like pointed spears —David Ignatow
  11. Ears … pendulous scarlet ears that showed up like blobs of sealing wax on the pallor of his cheeks and were framed in wisps of silky white hair —Albert Camus
  12. Ears sticking out like tabs he might be picked up and shaken by —Eudora Welty
  13. (Large) ears … stuck out like wings —Leo Tolstoy
  14. Freckled, as if she’d been sprinkled with nutmeg —Eudora Welty
  15. (A mask of) freckles laid like a veil across his nose —Ben Ames Williams
  16. Freckles like rust spots —Willa Cather
  17. Freckles like specks of nutmeg on his cheeks —Sharon Olds
  18. (Nose bridged with) freckles like splotches of huge summer rain on the sidewalk —William Faulkner
  19. Freckles lingered just below the skin, like a thin wash of gold —Elizabeth Spencer
  20. A gash as thick as a cigarette —T. Glen Coughlin
  21. His nose was very short, just like a baby’s, and he had a long blue upper lip, like a priest —Joyce Cary

    See Also: NOSES

  22. A mole like a tiny cameo —Eudora Welty
  23. (She brushed at the) mole that spotted her cheek like a tear —Truman Capote
  24. Pimples big as candy corn —Ira Wood
  25. Pimples … shone like the sun trying to come out —Sharon Sheehe Stark
  26. Red pimples spread across her forehead like strawberry jam —Alice McDermott

    See Also: FOREHEAD

  27. Scars … like claw marks —Louise Erdrich
  28. A scar … that twained his face from forehead to chin, like a portrait sliced in half —Davis Grubb
  29. Scratches on his face like a cat had fought him hard for every one of its lives —O. Henry
  30. The shadows under my eyes were like a pair of leathery wings —Jean Thompson
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The Huawei Mate10 lite is capable of quickly identifying facial features, whether front face, side face, high angle or low angle, rapidly and fully capturing facial details and unlocking the screen within only 800 milliseconds.
It's not so much that Big Brother is watching us, he's with us everywhere we go and has our facial details in his memory so he can recognise us.
For custom players, granular depth has been given to edit facial details.
7R Mark II has 399 autofocus points; that's a really cool number of points to have on a camera like this) on facial details.
It can also sharpen facial details while blurring the background and adding other effects.
Al-Sharif eliminates any facial details and abstracts the organic dark sculptures into representations of female figures that have been described as evoking similarities to fingers reacting in harmony as part of the same body or entity.
Two statues made 1,300 years apart show how the style lasted, while facial details of the larger piece show how it was a much later Greek ruler of Egypt.
While their bodies are drawn in simplistic outlines, the faces are etched in a dark charcoal texture with their facial details intentionally scratched out, giving them a haunted and ghostly appearance.
According to the company, the D-Link DCS-3716 and DCS-2210/2230 cameras are equipped with multi-megapixel image sensors for increased resolution, which is suitable for remote monitoring and capturing sharper details such as reading licence plates or facial details.
Herein, the facial details of all the users are stored in the database as face templates.
The game allows players to assume the role of the main character for the first time and customise their hair and facial details in true RPG style.
A comparable hairstyle, headdress and facial details appear with the female figure in the Banquet of Larth Velcha fresco from the Tomb of the Shields, Tarquinia, typically dated to circa 280 BCE.