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offensive slang male homosexuality


(ˈfæg ə tri)

usage: This term is usually used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting.
n. Slang: Usually Disparaging and Offensive.
male homosexuality.
[1965–70; faggot2 + -ry]
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from Hilton Als's "Introduction to Negro Faggotry in the
4Chan User 2: As much as you'd like this to be standard /b/ faggotry, it also has poltical significance.
faggotry is even punishable by death in many african and middle eastern countries, and yet the fags are so ravenous and idiotic that they are willing to have sex anyway.
It can also be understood as the logical extension of mediated images of BGMs, including the proliferation of "down low" (DL) discourse, and late 1980s/early 1990s minstrel-like portrayals of "Negro Faggotry.
Indeed the representation of Negro Faggotry disturbingly parallels and reinforces America's most entrenched racist constructions around African-American identity.
M]ale sexuality was center stage, and looking at other men--not least such rock icons as Mick Jagger--became a sign of hipness rather than effeminacy or faggotry.
But I can reveal that the cover carries a picture of the newspaper's building along with charges that the publication is guilty of "devil worship, communism and faggotry.
She eased into her position as a symbol of lowest-common-denominator faggotry, but thankfully rose above it every time she opened her mouth.
Dressed up in different masculine gear, Mapplethorpe underwrote such appropriation as erotic and sexual; but like Warhol before him, he shot it all through the lens of faggotry.
In a culture in which masculinity has long been Bruce Weber-ized, male "modeling" no longer bears the stigma of faggotry, hot bodily maintenance and GQ style are de rigueur from Facethejury.