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FAHR will work with LinkedIn to get federal government
Dubai -- The UAE Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, or FAHR, is transforming its eGovernment services by teaming with IBM to deliver more personalised mobile capabilities that improve employee engagement and streamline access to key resources.
Human capital development ultimately means the intelligent management of a critical resource that is abundant and capable of serving as the best conductors of knowledge," said Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Awar, Director-General of FAHR.
During a press conference, Dr Abdul Rahman Al Awar, Director-General of FAHR, announced that the full report will be unveiled during The FAHR International Forum 2014.
A FAHR circular said the move aims at establishing the employment relation between the employee and the entity he/she works for, specifying an employee's privileges, rights, obligations and duties, and facilitating organisational relationship between the employee and HR departments in various entities.
Work will resume on Sunday, November 18, according to a circular issued by Humaid Mohammad Al Quttami, Minister of Education and Chairman of FAHR.
Based on this classification, FAHR will define required measures that each entity should adopt including annual plans for Emiratisation quota, targeted jobs, training programmes and replacement.