Fair maid

(Zool.) The European pilchard (Clupea pilchardus) when dried.
The southern scup (Stenotomus Gardeni).
(Zool.) See under Fair, a.

See also: Fair, Fair, Maid

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The Fair Maid of Perth Chase will target Mares who are deemed to have the necessary stamina to stay three miles.
Will Robin seize the day and win the hand of his fair Maid Marion?
Similarly, in Katherine Inglis's analysis of The Fair Maid of Perth, scenes of return from death that do not refer to the means of that resuscitation may not speak to the prevalence of transfusion.
Among their topics are reading agony in The Theory of Moral Sentiments, the origins of a modern medical ethics in Enlightenment Scotland, the construction of Robert Fergusson's illness and death, Robert Burns and melancholy, blood and the revenant in Walter Scott's The Fair Maid of Perth, and John Thomson and the making of the medical biography An Account of.
In fact the biggest sensation was Charlie Chaplin, "the scream of the earth", making his comic-book debut in Funny Wonder in 1915, whisking a fair maid off to I Fryem for fish and chips.
Wright, one of Heywood's most vocal champions of the last four centuries, wistfully hoped that 'some day, perhaps, the voracious motion picture industry will seize on The Fair Maid of the West, and old Heywood will have a ghostly resurrection among the shadows of the screen'.
which is part of 'The Three Worthy Butchers', and Doug Wallin's 'Pretty Fair Maid All in her Garden', a broken-token song possibly of ballad origin.
A prince woke Sleeping Beauty with one and another fair maid turned a frog into a handsome beau with a kiss.
He does not mention, among others, alternate readings of 'The Maid of the Moor', 'Westron Wynde', 'Foweles in the Frith', 'I synge of a myden', and 'The Fair Maid of Ribbesdale'.
THOMAS Heywood's play The Fair Maid of the West is overwhelmingly a play about faithfulness, patriotism, and steadfast devotion to the English way of life in the face of tremendous pressure from powerful Muslim forces.
Just some of the hats, dresses, shoes and suits of armour kept at the store including a jacket worn by the late Pete Postlethwaite in the Fair Maid of the West (third from top) Piles of helmets and crowns bow the shelves at the costume store and (right) Lindsey goes for a bit of glamour The Roman breastplate used as model for the one Russell Crow wore in Gladiator Lindsey with the crown worn by David Tennant in Hamlet
Chapter one, "Staging Commercial London," focuses on Houghton's Englishmen for my Money (1598), Heywood's If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody, Part II (1604-05), and (possibly by Heywood) The Fair Maid of the Exchange (1602).