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If a flyball or line drive deflects off an outfielder who is in fair territory and goes over the wall in fair territory, it's a home run because the ball remained "in flight.
This can be accomplished either by hitting the ball out of play while it is still in fair territory (a conventional home run), or by an inside-the-park home run.
Robert Garcia hit a high popup that third baseman Xavier Turner misplayed as it landed in fair territory between home plate and third base.
To identify things by their rightful names, the "foul poles'' in far left and far right field would no longer be deemed in fair territory and result in home runs, but identified as "border poles'' and counted as ground-rule doubles.
Simply put, Ebbets Field was an average offensive park during the Deadball Era, but as more seats were added at the expense of fair territory, the park, not surprisingly, became an offensive heaven.
hitting Melkey Cabera's glove in fair territory, and as seen in this shot, landing approx.
TV replays showed that it landed in fair territory for what would likely have been a double.
Foul pop-up behind the plate, don't budge from the batter's box; forget that the catcher loses it in the sun and the ball ends up falling in fair territory.
As it rolled around in fair territory, Pierre got up and sprinted home, completing a full circuit around the diamond that gave the Dodgers the two-run cushion they would need to finish off a two-game mini-sweep of the Diamondbacks.
When leading from third base, do it in foul territory, and after the pitch has been thrown, come back to third in fair territory.
The umpires favored one rule for both situations, to call the ball fair if it crossed the inner barrier in fair territory regardless of the flight of the ball after that.
The scoring system works like this: Four points for each home run in fair territory, two points for each ball that hits the warning track or fence in the air and one point for each ball hit to the outfield in the air.