Fairy rings

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the circles formed in grassy lawns by certain fungi (as Marasmius Oreades), formerly supposed to be caused by fairies in their midnight dances; also, the mushrooms themselves. Such circles may have diameters larger than three meters.

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When she began to dance, by way of showing the gossoons what she had seen in the fairy rings at night, the house broke into a prolonged uproar.
The area is prone to Fairy Rings made from a fungus or small flowers.
Nor with fairies, who in the old days got the blame for similar phenomena on land, the fairy rings in lawns being a well known example", biologists Marianne Holmer from University of Southern Denmark and Jens Borum from University of Copenhagen, said.
Tolkien's earliest such safe haven appeared in a 1915 poem "You & Me and the Cottage of Lost Play" where "down a warm and winding lane" dreaming children could be found tumbling, gardening, "dancing fairy rings / And weaving pearly daisy-strings, / Or chasing golden bees" (The Book of Lost Tales, Part One [BLTI] 28, 29).
Learn how to cook with wild mushrooms on Wales Fungus Day (October 13) when there'll be family activities and guided tours of fairy rings.
Hoops and crinoline World-surrounding hoop Fairy rings The jolly cooper (makes hoops) The furthest isles (at the perimeter of the flat, circular world) A girdle round the world Saturn (the ringed planet) Barrels worn by schoolgirls.
For in 1686, British scientist Robert Plot refers to fairy rings in his book, The Natural History of Stafford-Shire.
Dig out any fairy rings you may find in the lawn - they can spread to 10 metres.
These rings are caused by a number of different fungi, collectively known as fairy rings.
Fairy rings can grow very, very large and live for hundreds of years.
Featured subjects include everything from red thread and crabgrass to fairy rings, as well as surface insects, grub control, core aeration and over-seeding.
These can vary in appearance from large circles, called fairy rings, to little brown patches the size of an old half-crown coin, or tiny coral pink threads growing from blades of the grass.