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a.1.Resembling a fairy, or what is made or done be fairies; as, fairylike music.
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It seemed quite fairylike to Jo, as she went up and down the walks, enjoying the blooming walls on either side, the soft light, the damp sweet air, and the wonderful vines and trees that hung about her, while her new friend cut the finest flowers till his hands were full.
They seemed actually suspended from the dark vault of heaven, and their gentle light shed a fairylike gleam over the snow-fields around the foot of the Matterhorn, which raised its stupendous pinnacle on high, penetrating to the heart of the Great Bear, and crowning itself with a diadem of his magnificent stars.
And if this strict scientific intangibility steeped even the shelves laden with lyrics and ballads and the tables laden with drink and tobacco, it goes without saying that yet more of such heathen holiness protected the other shelves that held the specialist's library, and the other tables that sustained the frail and even fairylike instruments of chemistry or mechanics.
This chapel, quite new, having been built only six years, was entirely in that charming taste of delicate architecture, of marvellous sculpture, of fine and deep chasing, which marks with us the end of the Gothic era, and which is perpetuated to about the middle of the sixteenth century in the fairylike fancies of the Renaissance.
You know what my forte is, Gilbert--the fanciful, the fairylike, the pretty.
The short followup is a charming piece, written in a fairylike tone.
The technology of the pointe shoe came to dominate the romantic sensibility of fairylike weightlessness, to the extent that it was eventually used by fairies and nonfairies alike--and indeed came to symbolically stand in for the very art form of ballet itself.
Sensitive, delicate pastel-colored illustrations of detailed pencil and watercolor convey the fairylike atmosphere of "Two Tiny Bears," while lulling story lines convey the images of daily fun and play in nature.
Rauch has worked perhaps overly hard for the magic in this show, setting it in a mythical, fantastic ruin, and - oops - giving a bunch of the characters fairylike ears that the costume department apparently bought at a Star Trek garage sale.
Dimitar, Fairylike and He's Got Rhythm have between them run 60 times at Ireland's only all-weather course and each has two wins on the scoresheet, including over tonight's trip.