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also Fei·sal or Fei·sul  (fī′səl) Full name Faisal bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud. 1906?-1975.
King of Saudi Arabia (1964-1975) who used oil revenue to increase industrialization and improve educational and medical facilities. He was assassinated by his nephew.


(ˈfaɪ səl)

1904–75, king of Saudi Arabia 1964–75.


(ˈfaɪ səl)
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Noun1.Faisal - king of Saudi Arabia from 1964 to 1975 (1906-1975)
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Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani, chairman and CEO, Al Faisal Holding, and Rev Dennis H Holtschneider, CM, president of DePaul, signed the agreement in Qatar to launch the programme.
Khartoum, Mar 19 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, is due to inaugurate at 8:00 pm Tuesday evening the Riyadh Centre of Faisal Islamic Bank in Khartoum which includes the Electronic Branch, Banking Branch and Faisal Cultural Centre, with participation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Faisal Islamic Bank Prince Dr.
United Arab Bank (UAB) has announced the appointment of Faisal Al Najjar as Senior Vice President and Head of Liabilities.
Prince Faisal bin Salman yesterday visited the headquarters of the Madinah Development Authority and signed a number of agreements with consultants for the development of the city.
Faisal was found dead in his room at a government hostel in Islamabad, three days after the Supreme Court ordered the prime minister's arrest in the Rental Power Projects (RPPs) case.
The exhibition showcases a selection of around 100 distinctive items of Islamic calligraphy from Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Museum in Doha, Qatar.
RAFFII cousins Faisal and Raed shared the honours yesterday in the season-opening round of the WGA Chevrolet Supercars Middle East Championship at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).
Having already won eight of the previous 11 rounds to secure the drivers' title, Prince Abdul Aziz Al Faisal was second fastest in 1:16.
Tapes Donated to the Archives of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies
Brave Faisal Luhar was yesterday awarded a record pounds 5.
For Faisal Alami, my host brother, it is a poverty which often steals him of his pride in Morocco.
In a related development, Aludra is pleased to announce the appointment of Faisal Nasir as Director of POS.