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(faɪˈjuːm) or


(Placename) See El Faiyûm



1. a province in N central Egypt: many archaeological remains. 691 sq. mi. (1790 sq. km).
2. Also called El Faiyum .the capital of this province, SW of Cairo. 227,300.
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CAIRO, Aug 28 (KUNA) -- Two terrorists were killed in clashes with security forces in Faiyum governorate, central Egypt, after they were tracked onto their hide about, Egyptian security sources announced Friday.
Ramadan, Abu-Zied Ostracods and the Holocene palaeolimnology of Lake Qarun, with special reference to past human-environment interactions in the Faiyum (Egypt)
A lot of mummies, almost 1,700, were excavated by the scientists in the Faiyum region of Egypt.
The casualties were spread across various cities and governorates: one at Damietta, four in Beni Suef, two in Faiyum and one in Minya.
This project focuses on the possibility that extensive trade and movements of goods imported both from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Oases of the Western Desert took place along a relatively unexplored and unsuspected NW-SE route between the Mediterranean coast of northwest Egypt and Middle Egypt, via the Western Desert and the Faiyum region during the Late Bronze Age New Kingdom (1580 1065 BC).
While there has been no investigation on the Faiyum site, a preliminary on-the-ground expedition has already taken place at the site near Abu Sidhum, which provided data to compare with El-Kady and Farouk's maps and documents.
Now that Alexandria has died I would offer you a choice of stones-- white limestone from Tura, the red and black granite out of Aswan, gneiss from the Nubian desert, basalt from HI Faiyum, Egyptian alabaster from Tell el 'Amarna-- all the rocky solace that makes sitting at the tail of Porto Alegre, above Buenos Aires, you might say.
Major cities located within 10 km of potential reassortment hotspots are Benha, Cairo, Dumyat, El Faiyum, and Shibin el Kom, which could be prioritized for increased surveillance to detect reassortment events and prevent spread.
She was one of three passengers in a car driven by a local man who crashed under unknown circumstances just off Faiyum, south west of the capital Cairo.
Qina, Bani Suwaif, Minya, Menoufia, Buhayrah, Damietta, New Valley, Red Sea, Faiyum, Kafr Al Shaikh, Giza, Port Said, Suez, Marsa Matruh, Luxor, Qalyubiya, and Ismailia
The yes votes reached 90 percent in Faiyum governorate, 75.
Train movement is currently suspended in Egypt and all entrances of Cairo and major Egyptian cities are closed, including Faiyum, Suez, al-Mansoura and Alexandria.