Munchausen syndrome

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Mun·chau·sen syndrome

 (mŭn′chou′zən, mŭnch′hou′-)
A psychiatric disorder characterized by the repeated fabrication of disease signs and symptoms for the purpose of gaining medical attention.

[After Baron Karl Friedrich Hieronymus von Münchhausen (because the fabricated diseases recalled his fictionalized accounts of his life).]

Mun′chausen syn`drome

a factitious disorder in which otherwise healthy individuals seek to hospitalize themselves with feigned or self-induced pathology in order to receive medical treatment.
[1950–55; named after Baron von Münchhausen, whose fictionalized accounts of his own experiences suggest symptoms of the disorder]
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Noun1.Munchausen syndrome - syndrome consisting of feigning acute and dramatic illness for which no clinical evidence is ever found
syndrome - a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease
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Miss Fackrell, of Epsom, Surrey, claimed she was demoted after being wrongly accused of letting a worker fake illness to take time off for a course.
I got the feeling that my fake illness was fast becoming reality.
The doubt over Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy - said to drive parents to fake illness in children to gain doctors' attention - follows the discrediting of Professor Meadow's theory that multiple cot deaths were probably murder.
NEARLY one in five people are prepared to fake illness to watch the World Cup, a poll has revealed.
People with the attention-seeking condition fake illness or harm others.
A top member of a world-famous choir was sacked after allegedly bribing a choirboy to fake illness on a coach trip - so he could stop for a smoke.
Almost three quarters of skivers prefer to fake illness on a Monday, and that makes today the worst.
And four out of five quizzed said they would fake illness to take a day off.
Union chiefs have warned workers who fake illness to watch World Cup matches could face charges of gross misconduct and risk being sacked.
I wasn't sure whether to fake illness or get someone to break my leg so that I didn't have to take part.