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or fa·key  (fă′kē)
adv. & adj. Sports
In sports such as skateboarding or snowboarding, riding with the foot one usually has forward placed to the rear: rode fakie down the rest of the hill; a fakie trick.

[fake (perhaps because a maneuver performed while riding fakie can be seen as a fake version of a maneuver performed in normal stance or can seem more novel or difficult than it actually is) + -ie.]
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Lockjaw is an inch away on Tyler P's tetanus-fraught pivot fakie.
This is like being told you have a duty to buy a new car, but you have to choose immediately between a Ford and a Chevy," Vince chooses a Cab fakie 5-0
Every fakie and McTwist - highly technical acrobatic snowboarding moves - that she performs while schussing down the slopes she can trace back to the drained swimming pools and crowded skate parks in Southern California where her balancing act began at age 11.
I'd like to see 360 flip noseslides and frontside 180 to fakie nosegrinds.
Nyjah Huston, frontside half cab kickf lip front board fakie
Javier Nunez broke barriers and rolled off the over head-high drop switch, with a frontside crooked grind to fakie and switch backside tail.
Lowe crashed hard trying to land a fakie 360 in the first round and was out of the medals at the midway point.
After you've mastered all that, you'll be ready to learn to carve turns and try out some tricks like a "nose slide to fakie," or an "Ollie.
Mosh pit fakie thrust by Caleb Orton in a Paradox, CO, pipe dream.
He also landed a 900 in a competition for the first time - doing it twice - and he also did a stalefish fakie into a fakie 540, and a frontside cab aerial revert, two tricks never previously accomplished in the X Games.
Michael Goldschmidt won the $5,000 Best Trick award presented by Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo Wii system for his double grab air to fakie.
She also did a rocket to a fakie 360 and a backside nollie.