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 (fə-lä′shə, fä-)
n. pl. Falasha or Fa·la·shas Often Offensive
An Ethiopian Jew.

[Amharic fälaša, from fälaš, migrant, active participle of fälläsä, to migrate; see plš in Semitic roots.]


n, pl -sha or -shas
(Judaism) a member of a tribe of Black Ethiopian Jews
[from Amharic, from fälasi stranger]


(fɑˈlɑ ʃə, fə-)

n., pl. -shas, (esp. collectively) -sha.
a member of a historically Cushitic-speaking people of central Ethiopia who practice a form of Judaism.
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39) But Color of the Cross sought to make this symbolic connection precisely by making the argument that Jesus was historically black, like the modern-day Falasha Jews of Ethiopia.
A black rabbi named Matthews, who "has other Falasha people in his congregation up there in Harlem" (222), is willing to offer them shelter and help.
Today Ethiopia is home to the Beta Israels Falasha or the 'Black Jews.
Pasaron a Choa y a la region de los Galla, donde abrieron escuelas y--con el apoyo de otros companeros--se dedicaron a la conversion de los falasha o judios abisinios.
The first Ethiopian Protestant missionary was Mikael Argawi * (1848-1931), a converted Falasha Jew.
Ethiopian Jews prefer to he called 'Beta Israel' [House of Israel], but in Ethiopia they were called Falasha and the word is still used .
Mas tarde se sabria que se trataba de Damas Fekade, joven falasha cuyo delito habria sido querer cruzar con su bicicleta un improvisado reten en la ciudad de Holon.
The anger of the Falasha (exiles in Ethiopia's Amharic language) against "police racism" has exploded yesterday in Jerusalem when several hundred Ethiopian Jews, gathered in French Square, clashed with riot police agents.
73) Audience members for the band's early gigs figured Byron must be a Falasha, an Ethiopian Jew, on the assumption that a non-Jewish African American was incapable of playing authentic klezmer.
Consequently, Rodman paints an essentially favorable picture of the IAF and its role in preserving both Israeli security and the safety of the Jewish people (historically done through airlift operations like those that brought the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia to Israel in the 1980s and 1990s), as well as helping Israel in its diplomatic ambitions through extensive humanitarian aid in such diverse locations as Turkey, Mexico, India, Japan, and Haiti.
Her work as an ethnographer in Ethiopia during the overthrow of Hailie Selassie and her publications in Falasha history have inspired panel topics as well as her work on the importance of history in ethnomusicology, her deep interests in collaborative ethnography, music and memory, and the interrelationship between the cognitive and the musical.
The 'Prince' claimed to be a chief of the Falasha tribe of Abyssinia, but in fact he was born in 1881 in what are now the Virgin Islands.