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 (fə-lä′shə, fä-)
n. pl. Falasha or Fa·la·shas Often Offensive
An Ethiopian Jew.

[Amharic fälaša, from fälaš, migrant, active participle of fälläsä, to migrate; see plš in Semitic roots.]


n, pl -sha or -shas
(Judaism) a member of a tribe of Black Ethiopian Jews
[from Amharic, from fälasi stranger]


(fɑˈlɑ ʃə, fə-)

n., pl. -shas, (esp. collectively) -sha.
a member of a historically Cushitic-speaking people of central Ethiopia who practice a form of Judaism.
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Argawi ministered for over fifty years in Ethiopia, including several years among the Falashas.
La chasse des Falashas, les juifs d'Ethiopie, et des migrants africains, entres illegalement d'Erythree et du Soudan, atteste de la nature segregationniste du neo-apartheid.
Son los llamados Beta Israel, mas conocidos como falashas o falashmoras, palabras que significan exiliado o emigrado.
The Falashas are believed to have their origin in Israel.
Falashas are a Jewish people in which African country?
Ethiopia's Falashas or Beta Israel fall within this covenantal fellowship under the 1971 ruling by chief rabbi Ovadia Yossef that they are "descendants of Jewish tribes that moved South to Cush"--a ruling that became the basis of their incorporation under Israel's Law of Return in 1975.
Jaafar Nimayri, Sudan's president between 1969 and 1985 and President Bashir's role model, partnered with Israel without as much as a whimper in Operation Moses which involved the air-lift of Ethiopian Jews or Falashas to Israel via Sudan in 1984.
The missionaries also failed to educate Queen Liliuokalani about the Beta Israel or Falashas who are an ADP centered in Ethiopia.
Calling themselves Israelites, Hebrews, Canaanites, Essenes, Judaites, Rechabites, Falashas, or Abyssinians (Ethiopians), they were founded primarily by West Indian immigrants.
Many of the Ethiopian Jews, who are called Falashas, died along the way or in the squalid camps before Mossad could quietly airlift them out of the Muslim-ruled nation.
He arranged for the first group of the Beta Israel, the Jews of Ethiopia, the Falashas, to go to Israel in 1955.