False papers

(Naut.) documents carried by a ship giving false representations respecting her cargo, destination, etc., for the purpose of deceiving.

See also: False

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And in fact the woman of the title - we never learn her name - is both heady and hopeful as she escapes the horrors inflicted on her in her own country (also unnamed) and is spirited, false papers in hand, on a plane to London.
The minister said Imran Khan should be ashamed of showing a false report in connection with NADRA, adding, the PTI chief was used to befooling people by showing such false papers.
He was caught using false papers under the name of Heinrich Hitzinger.
The man, who is awaiting a decision on his request for political asylum in Italy, will be charged with possession of false papers but police do not believe he was linked to any plot, as initially feared.
A person banned for presenting false papers must acquire a waiver for readmission into the country, which Kowalski said is an uphill battle.
Shamim Ahmed had been given the job at the Tandoori Restaurant in Holyhead, after he produced false papers to the manager.
The German donation consists in computers, detection scanners of false papers, lifeboats, lifebuoys, isothermal sleeping bags, fire-fighting equipment, electronic torches and other equipment used for the coast surveillance and rescue operation in the sea.
Interpol maintains a vast database of more than 40 million lost and stolen travel documents, and has long urged member countries to make greater use of it to stop people crossing borders on false papers.
The inspectors are continuously trained to be able to detect false papers of all kinds.
The inspectors are continually trained to be able to detect false papers of all kinds.
Even if you have, beware, as many cheating married men present false papers to the mistress in order to keep her interest (trust me on that one
Salis and Dimopoulou were remanded in custody after being charged with abducting a minor and holding false papers.