Family altar

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place of family devotions.

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My marriage being thus solemnly recognized at the family altar, I have no further trouble on that score.
Chandi died a decade ago, but I still have a picture of her on my family altar.
So he stayed at home, looked after by a yaya who, sometime after lunch, called him to pray before the family altar because 'your mommy called and said your Tito Ninoy is dead.
He is scrounging around for things of value his recently deceased father might have left behind, but save for some pawn certificates, he finds nothing and thoughtlessly takes a bite from a rice cake offered to his father at the family altar.
For the next day I was in the hands of the TV crew which wanted to film me presenting the poem at the Giap family altar.
Many people -- both young and old -- emerged rubbing tear-streaked faces after offering their last respects at a family altar inside the house.
Lord Denbigh at the family altar which has been destroyed by vandals who have been attacking the cemetery.
Also showcased are altars created by community groups and individuals, including Amigos Multicultural Services Center; Johnny Correa and Marlena Zaragoza, who dedicate their altar `In Memory of Friends Who Have Passed'; Johanna Mitchell and her two granddaughters, who this year share their traditional family altar with the community; Thurston High School students; and members of the art center's Duchess Committee, who present an altar commemorating Maude I.
Around the Family Altar is the ninth volume in the University Press of Florida's The History of African-American Religions Series.
Among the items on display are colorful Japanese kimonos, paintings on hanging screens and folded screens, furniture, decorative handicrafts, Buddha statuary and a Tibetan thangka painting, hung in a monastery or over a family altar.
One of the sacred moments is when the groom and the bride stand in front of the family altar and perform a ritual of bowing--three deep bows with incense in their hands.
Leave the matter of religion to the family altar, the church and the private school, supported entirely by private contributions.