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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: business - a corporation that is entirely owned by the members of a single familyfamily business - a corporation that is entirely owned by the members of a single family
close corporation, closed corporation, private corporation, privately held corporation - a corporation owned by a few people; shares have no public market
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NYSE: JWN) said Thursday that members of the Nordstrom family company have formed a group to explore the possibility of pursuing a "going private transaction" involving the acquisition by the group of 100% of the outstanding shares of common stock of the company.
Being a family company got us through those periods and is benefiting us today.
This 20 year old family company has contracts with major companies in Northeast Florida and with the City of Jacksonville.
BIRMINGHAM-BASED FAMILY company, Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care, has acquired Owl Optical, another family business, to expand its local network.
Normally, the first step of early inheritance lies in the transformation of a family company into a closed joint stock company for the easy handling with shares upon distribution, he said.
6:00-7:15 pm How Private and Family Company CEOs Work With Their Boards
HCM remains a family company - owned and managed by brothers Simon and Michael Hanson - and currently has a workforce of 24, including six apprentices.
If a family company is listed, the business need not suffer when the ownership changes as generations change.
The meeting was also attended by Peter Rogers, the founder of Rogers Family Company, which works with Rwandan coffee growers.
For three-quarters of a century, Claussen confidently represented a family company that took on the existential challenges of the continuously changing business environment, always motivating and reminding us of the need to be future-orientated," said head of the supervisory board Prof.
Hydraulics firm E & J Advanced Fluid Systems Limited has been acquired by family company Wood's Hydraulic Services Limited.
The other 13 FamilyMart stores in Vietnam are being operated by Family Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Phu Thai.