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(ˈfænsaɪt) ,



fan site

(Computer Science) a website dedicated to a particular person or subject and run by a fan or fans of the person or subject


fan-site, fan site [ˈfænsaɪt] n (on the Internet)site m de fans
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On the official fan site for Grotbags, a message said that Carol wanted people to celebrate her life rather than mourn her passing.
The fan site has attracted more than 35,000 members in 17 months since it was set up.
The Ligue One club's fan site issued a statement saying: "With these two departures and, with almost no new signings during the transfer window, Monaco fans are swinging between anger and frustration.
A message on a fan site used for his official announcements, said he collapsed after his show in Boston on Saturday.
The reports of my death have been greatly understated," he wrote on a fan site True To You.
The new fan site also features variations of Emitation's own signature Kate Middleton inspired jewelry.
Northern Rock's dedicated fan site - Sign the Stripes - has put a final call out to Newcastle supporters to 'sign for United' before midnight on Sunday November 28 to ensure their names are included on a giant piece of football memorabilia.
org As well as offering the usual Girls Aloud news, this fan site also tracks the lives of the group's members as individuals - even revealing which XFactor star Cheryl had dinner with last week
And bizarrely, her antics were discussed on a Dunfermline Athletic football fan site - and a site called the Texas Fishing Forum.
Also, the "Zippy" site links to a temporary fan site that urges The Sun to reinstate the comic -- and shows various strips Griffith has done over the years with a Baltimore theme.
Online fan site My Little Pony Arena launched in 2003 and has more than 5000 members.
Both directed me to a fan site determined to help the show continue behind an initiative called the Great8Mandate.