Fannie Farmer

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Noun1.Fannie Farmer - an expert on cooking whose cookbook has undergone many editions (1857-1915)
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Today I am sharing the original Fannie Farmer recipe my grandmother used.
I fell in love with Fannie Farmer and The Boston Cooking-School Cookbook that belonged to my mother, and now it belongs to me.
Fannie May Confections Brands includes Fannie May, Fannie May Berries, Fannie Farmer, and Harry London.
Food writer and bibliophile Leslie Geddes-Brown here packs in a survey of some one hundred of the world's most influential and appealing cookbooks from the 1600s to modern times, considering writings by James Beard, Elizabeth David, Fannie Farmer, and more, and covering cuisines from around the world.
Overcoming personal challenges to study with James Beard, Marion Cunningham made revisions that brought 'The Fannie Farmer Cookbook' back into American kitchens.
As far back as 1896, Fannie Farmer offered more than 1,800 recipes for everything from "after-dinner coffee" to capon in aspic.
As recently as 1896, culinary expert Fannie Farmer included her version of the soup as "Connecticut Clam Chowder" in the first edition of "The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book.
Cunningham, the modern Fannie Farmer and celebrated champion of the home cook, has compiled a collection of unabashedly old-fashioned recipes.
Schools were organized to instruct in salesmanship and bookkeeping; there was also North Bennett Street School to teach basic crafts, such as sewing, drafting, furniture making, and bookbinding, and the Boston School of Cooking, where Fannie Farmer trained cooking teachers and developed her cookbook advancing the concept of level measurement.
Ruth Nebron came through with a duo of choices - Meringue Kisses from ``The Fannie Farmer Cookbook,'' along with one of her favorite recipes for Cocoa Kisses that are low in fat.
Whenever I gave up chocolate for Lent, I OD'd on Fannie Farmer chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday and got a queasy stomach and cavities.