Fannie Mae

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Fan·nie Mae

 (făn′ē mā′)
One of two federally chartered corporations that buy and pool US mortgages and issue securities based on those pools.

[Alteration of F(ederal) N(ational) M(ortgage) A(ssociation).]

Fannie Mae

(ˈfænɪ meɪ)
(in the US) an informal name for the Federal National Mortgage Association: a private company that buys and sells mortgage debt
[C20: altered from the initials FNMA]

Fan•nie Mae

(ˈfæn i ˈmeɪ)

1. a congressionally chartered private corporation that supplies funds for home mortgages through continuous purchases of mortgages from lending institutions.
2. any of the publicly traded securities collateralized by a pool of mortgages backed by Fannie Mae.
[1950–55; altered from the initials FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association, the former name]
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Noun1.Fannie Mae - a federally chartered corporation that purchases mortgages
corp, corporation - a business firm whose articles of incorporation have been approved in some state
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Generally these loans are smaller balance (less than $3 million each) and a number of these financial institutions would like to offer Fannie Mae product to their borrowers.
Also following the report, the Securities and Exchange Commission upgraded its informal investigation to a formal one, allowing federal regulators to subpoena company documents and to require the testimony of company executives and employees, and Fannie Mae announced a decision to delay its third quarter earnings report.
HUD found that Fannie Mae management had deliberately developed and adopted accounting policies to spread estimated income or expense that exceeded predetermined thresholds over multiple reporting periods.
Fannie Mae was required to seek approval for the declaration of dividends on its preferred stock.
The fund has been under development since March, when Fannie Mae announced its expanded American Dream Commitment.
Fannie Mae launched its diversity initiative in 1992 with the creation of the company's Office of Diversity.
Ahlers, of the San Francisco loan origination office, arranged the transaction through Fannie Mae.
The Fannie Mae Technology Pak is designed to provide lenders with technology that combines leading edge software and hardware packages.
Raines, 49, recently announced that bell be leaving his position as director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) at the White House to become chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae, where he had earlier served as vice chairman.
Fannie Mae will provide free tools to employers to help them design an EAH plan that fits their business goals.
Fannie Mae is a congressionally chartered corporation that is supposed to provide liquidity in the mortgage market by buying loans from originating mortgage lenders.
The OFHEO and SEC have ordered Fannie Mae to restate those financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.