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B - 10 THINGS TO MAKE A NOTE OF THIS WEEK Fashion fantasticness, boozy gifts, chocolate gifts, festive food - it's everything you could ever need to know 12 OUR COVER STAR PAUL O'GRADYThe funnyman and dog lover talks about his new show, being brought up by a pooch, and drinking people under the table with his partner in crime Cilla Black 16 REAL LIFE 'I gave birth on a sledge, in the snow' One woman's amazing story 19 WELLBEING Ask and you shall receive advises life coach Tracy Dempsey 20 MY PHOTO SCRAPBOOK Noel Fielding on phoning Alice Cooper for a chat at 5am, dressing as a woman, hanging out with Stephen Fry and Nicole Scherzinger's heart-shaped lips 22 OUR COLUMNIST SARA COX Our Coxy has been getting trolled on Twitter - bad.
There's a small button you can press to open valves in the exhaust system and increase the fantasticness of the noise.
Because the notion of using "viral marketing"--that is, depending on word of mouth, social networking sites and the absolute fantasticness of your product -- to get you the money is just plain unrealistic.
As a tribute to her fantasticness, we're going to pal Fiona Duff's house to watch it - with us all dressed as characters from Albert Square.
Think about it, the royal box was covered in darkness -it would have been easy for a couple of dummies to replace Her Royal Fantasticness and her bumbling old duffer of a hubby.
However, there are always niggles about ageing - and it seems that it's at 50 that we start seriously worrying about the levels of our fantasticness.