p. p.1.p. p. of Fare, v. i.
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Business Real estate in Mlndal AB, Faren AB, Mlndal center Property AB, Mlndal Centre Koljan 1 AB, Mlndal Centrum Karpen 12 Fastighets AB , MlnDala AB, Gunnebo House and Gardens AB, Mlndal Parkerings AB.
And at last, as this issue goes to bed, I write faren wel, a Middle English term from which both farewell and welfare were derived, meaning to prosper, do well, fare well.
Reflections on the changing image of India's role in South-east Asia', in Onderzoek in Zuidoost-Azie: Agenda's voor de Faren Negentig, ed.
Alas, why playnen men so in comune That yeueth hem full ofte in many a gyse well better then hem selfe can devyse Some man desvreth to haue rychesse That cause is of her murdre or sycknesse And some man wolde out of hys prisson fayne That in hys house, is of hys meyne slayne Infinite harmes bene in thys matere We wote nat what thynge we prayen here We faren as he, that dronke is as a mouse Al dronken man wote well, he hath an house But he wote nat, whych the ryght waye thyder And to a dronken man the waye is slyder And certes in thys worlde so faren we We seken fast afire felicite But we go wronge ful ofte truly.
According to the Infra Oman catalogue, the exhibiting Italian firms include Ditta Casale Giovanni, Faren Chemicals Industries, Imper Italia, Oscam, PlantProfili and SITE Impianti.
Min Liu, Faren Renge Fouren Zhidu zai Ge'an zhong de Shenzhong Shiyong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Cautious Application of the Veil-Piercing Doctrine], 1 GUIDANCE AND REFERENCE TO CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL JUDGEMENTS IN CHINA (2005), available at http://www.
Bridesmaids were Candice Ashley, Ashley Cocilova, Kristen Crow, Anna Gordon, Melissa Hughey, Lauren Moore, Lindsey Roberson, Faren Rocconi, and Megan Slade.
Pour l'Opep, rien ne poussait a un changement majeur : le marche est bien approvisionne, et les prix du brut restent a des niveaux tres confortables" pour les producteurs, oscillant depuis deux mois autour de 110 dollars a Londres, souligne Bill Faren, analyste de Petroleum Policy Intelligence.
Police say driver Faren Kongfu could face four years in jail or a heavy fine.
She is riding a support role at the Giro - Faren Honda leader Fabiana Luperini (Italy) is fourth overall - and lies 64th at 57min 18sec behind Vos.
Photon Faren, the brother of one of the villager killed, said the Maoists kidnapped seven villagers from Garmal village and killed two of them.